Annual Professional Development Plan

Approved First Aid and CPR Courses

Change of Director Form updated 6/23

Director Qualifications Worksheet

Example Job Description – Assistant Director

Example Job Description – Assistant Teacher

Example Job Description – Cook

Example Job Description – Director

Example Job Description – Lead Teacher

Example Job Description – Vehicle Driver

Example Interview Questions – Assistant Director

Example Interview Questions – Assistant Teacher

Example Interview Questions – Cook

Example Interview Questions – Director

Example Interview Questions – Lead Teacher

Example Staff Evaluation

Example Staff Records Coversheet

Staff Meetings Tracking Form

Suggested Content for Staff Handbook

Tip Sheet for Calculating Annual Training Hours

Tip Sheet for Director

Tip Sheet for Establishing a Date of Hire for Child Care Center Staff

Tip Sheet for Hiring Staff under Age 18

Tip Sheet for New Hire *updated 4/2023

Tip Sheet for Sharing Staff Within Your Company

Tip Sheet for Substitute Staff from Temporary Staffing Agency