Trainer’s Credential

Administrative regulatio922 KAR 2:240 establishes the requirements for an individual to obtain a Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential. Credentialed trainers promote high-quality professional development resulting in a transfer of learning and positive outcomes for young children and families. Training provided by a credentialed trainer meets the requirements for child care licensing, ALL STARS Quality Rating System, Commonwealth Child Care Credential renewal, and the Trainer’s Credential Renewal. shghfghfgh

Got questions? Contact the Training Coach in your region. Coaches are available to:

Got questions? Contact the Training Coach in your region. Coaches are available to:

✔️ Guide potential trainers through the application process
✔️ Assist credentialed trainers with training development and credential renewal process

There are two types of credentials depending on qualifications and professional experience

  • Leveled credentials support training on Kentucky Early Childhood Core Content Competencies.
  • Specialty credentials support training on a narrow topic of expertise related to early care and education.
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Credentials are valid for 3 years.

Use  ECE-TRIS  to submit initial and renewal credential applications. Need an account? Set one up here

Step 1 in a blue circle

Contact Child Care Aware of KY Training Coach

Step 2 in a blue circle

Complete required coursework for the credential you’re seeking.
(See below.)

Step 3 in a blue circle

Submit application using the Trainer Credential area on ECE-TRIS

Required Coursework for Initial Application

Training can be taken in any order

CourseRequired for
Fundamentals of Effective Training (FET)Levels 2-5, CCHC and ECMH Specialty Credentials
FET090 An Introduction to Kentucky Resources for Early Care and Education TrainersAll credentials
Entering Quality Training Data into ECE-TRISAll credentials

FET370 Introduction to Developing and Facilitating Online Trainings
Not required to obtain a credential but required to enter credit for any non-face to face training

Frequently Asked Questions:

Initial Applications

How do I know which level to apply for?

Review the Trainer’s Credential Grid in our information section and/or contact your regional Training Coach.

How can I make sure my application is complete?

Use our Common Application Mistakes and Tips for applying located in our information section.

Once an application has been submitted when are they reviewed?

Applications are reviewed monthly on first-come, first-served basis.

Where can I find out more about the 3-credit-hour child development course?

For additional information please review the policy clarification and the equivalency for the 3-credit hour course located in our information section.

Once approved, how long is my credential active?

A credential must be renewed every three (3) years prior to the expiration date issued on the credential.

What do I do if I receive a follow-up needed email?

Please upload all requested documentation onto your original (follow-up) application or contact your Regional Training Coach for assistance.

How can I register for the next Fundamentals of Effective Training (FET)?

FET is offered quarterly, and slots tend to fill quickly. If registration is closed, contact your Training Coach or email and request to be added to a wait list for email notifications of upcoming FET sessions.


How do I renew my trainer’s credential?

You must complete the renewal requirements specific to the credential you hold and complete an online application. Tip Sheet for Renewal or Update Trainer Application Online. Your Training Coach can provide technical assistance.

How do I complete an online application for renewal?

Visit and go to trainer credential applications. Select “Submit Trainer Application” and choose “Renewal” as application type. Complete the application and then save and submit.

What do I need to do if my credential has expired?

Expired credentials cannot be renewed. You will be required to reapply, as an initial applicant and retake Fundamentals of Effective Training (FET) and Introduction to Resources in Kentucky for Early Care and Education Trainers.
* See Policy Clarification

Can I request a higher level when I renew?

Trainers wishing to update their credentials to a higher level must complete an online application and upload supporting documentation to meet the requirements of both the requested level update and the current credential.

* Please mark the application as update and not renewal.

How do I find adult training hours if needed for renewal?

Use the Calendar Search function on ECE-TRIS. Under training type, choose “How to Train Other Adults”.

How can I complete the Level 2-4 observation requirement?

Contact your Training Coach to complete this step. You can use a variety of delivery methods for the observation. The intent of the observation is for your coach to connect with you to support you on your goals.

Additional Questions

What do I need to know about choosing a Specialty topic area?

  1. Area must be clearly and specifically stated, broad topics will not be reviewed.
  2. Area must be pertinent to early care and education.
  3. Area cannot be the same as a Core Content Subject Area.

What is the definition of adult learning?

State regulation 922 KAR 2:240 defines “the concepts and principles that explain how adults gain knowledge and skills that result in relatively long-term changes in attitude and behavior.”

How do I know if I meet the requirement for the 3-credit-hour Child Development course?

Review Policy Clarification-Child Development Course. An early childhood education course that doesn’t have development in the title will not meet this requirement. A course description from the college/university can be submitted for review.

Can college course(s) be used as a substitute for training hours for early childhood/other hours?

Yes, a college course does count if completed during the 3 years a credential is active and is in early childhood. Each college credit hour equals 15 training credit hours.

If I hold a valid trainer’s credential, can I award continuing education units CEU’s?

No, a trainer has to go through the local KCTCS or college/university that has an early childhood program to obtain approval to award CEUs. You should contact the Continuing Education department of the institution for specific requirements.

As a credentialed trainer can I train my own staff?

Owners, Directors, or employees may not train an employee of the same child care center or family child care home. A trainer employed by an organization that manages multiple early care and education sites may train all participants as long as the trainer’s address is not the same as the training participants. This does not include the staff of a child care center authorized by 42 U.S.C. 9831-9852 (Head Start). See Policy Clarification- Training Own Staff.

How do I complete the Level 2 co-training requirement?

Level 2 trainers must have at least 12 clock hours of co-training with a Level 4 or Level 5 trainer prior to training solo. Read the Co-training Tip Sheet or contact your Training Coach to learn more.

What is needed to enter credit for any training not 100% face to face?

Potential trainers and credentialed trainers conducting online trainings or webinars must complete FET 370: Introduction to Developing and Facilitating Online Training in order to issue training credit hours.

Credentialed Trainers

To receive important information regarding your credential, please keep your email address up to date. For email changes:

  1. Update your ECE-TRIS account. Log into ECE-TRIS and update using Manage My Personal Information;
  2. Send updated email address to Credentialed Trainer listserv:

Updates from the Division of Child Care

Highlights regulatory changes for Kentucky Credentialed Trainers

Professional Development for Trainers

Did you know we have a series of courses for trainers that meet the requirement for how to train other adults and other hours, called Beyond Fundamentals? To learn more about this series visit HDI Learning.

We also offer adult learning hours through our annual May Trainer’s Institute.
For more information, contact your Training Coach.

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