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Tips and Tools

Changes to License

Any changes to the license (i.e. director, hours, email address, adding classroom, etc.) must be submitted with all qualifying documents to: or fax to: (502) 564-9350. Be sure to write the license # on every piece of paper that is faxed. If you fax, follow up with a phone call to ensure receipt (502) 564-7962 ext.0.

Child Care Regulation Committee

Send regulation questions to the Child Care Regulation Committee at
Attach pictures as needed to provide additional clarification. The CCRC will provide a written response regarding regulatory matters.
Note: The CCRC will not respond to a question regarding an active survey or investigation.

Kentucky Child Care Regulations

Regulations are overseen by Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Division of Child Care. A full list of child care regulations is available in Chapter 2 Day Care at:

Child-care center staff shall be provided with a copy of 922 KAR 2:090, 922 KAR 2:120, and 922 KAR 2:280.

The KYNECT Public Child Care Search lists providers certified or licensed through the Division of Child Care. You can also view inspection reports, hours of operation, and Kentucky All STARS levels.

Standards of Practice for Child Care Providers

This document is intended to educate and inform child care providers, Cabinet for Health and Family Services Division of Regulated Child Care employees and child care Technical Assistance providers about the regulatory standards for licensed and certified family child care providers.

Updated! Effective 7/21/22

  • Changes to food preparation and meal requirements for centers who provide meals and centers who do not provide meals
  • Changes to screen time limits
  • Changes to physical activity requirements
  • Changes to serving sugary drinks
  • Requirements on lockdown/shelter-in-place drills
  • Changes to safe sleep requirements

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Sent to DCC Listserv September 1, 2022

Effective 9/1/2022, all Personnel changes in ECE-TRIS will be submitted online. Any faxed or mailed forms will not be processed.

ECE-TRIS has streamlined this process by making available online areas to submit these changes.  Below are some Personnel related tips and resources to assist you.

All the links below are also found in the ECE-TRIS FORMS area.

New Account Instructions

  • If a user attempts to create an account on this page and has an existing account, they will be made aware and can follow the instructions for recovering their username or resetting their password to submit changes.
  • If a user never logged in to set-up their account, they will not have security questions to recover or reset. They can follow the Login Instructions for first time users by clicking Login Help

Managing Your ECE-TRIS Account: Self-Service Tips


  • The email on your account is used to find a match for your record in ECE-TRIS.  You can use this email even if you do not have access to it anymore. It is only used to find the matching record.
  • If you reset your password and still have issues, follow the same steps to Recover Username.  Usernames can contain numbers in some cases and this will also let you confirm spelling.
    • If a typo is found in your username, please email for a correction.
    • If you are unable to use the password reset, it is likely because you account is still in the ‘default password’ format. You can refer to Login Help for more information.

Employer Changes

  • If you have a new employer, go to Manage My Personal Information.  Your changes will be submitted to the TRIS team for final changes. Please allow 7-10 days.
    • Please note:  submitting a new hire date in this area will not impact a user’s First Year Start Date. That information will come from DCC.
  • Administrators who have staff who have separated from your program, please follow the instructions found here.  Managing Staff Listing

Any questions can be sent to

Sent to DCC Listserv June 1, 2022

Good afternoon,

Public Consulting Group (PCG), our third party vendor, has opened the ARPA Sustainability Grant Application for payments to be made in July 2022.

Providers should only complete and submit an application under the following circumstances:

  1. Provider elects to change Tiers.
  2. Provider is a new applicant.

If you have already applied and received ARPA Sustainability Payments, you do NOT need to re-apply unless conditions 1 or 2 above apply.



Please contact PCG at the email or telephone number listed below and the technical assistance team will work with you to resolve this issue.

Telephone: 888-805-1074

Thank you for all you do to support Kentucky’s families and children!

Division of Child Care

Sent to DCC Listserv December 13, 2022

This is a clarification of how the Division of Child Care, Division of Regulated Child Care and ECE-TRIS collaborate and use your background check data.


  • Accuracy of your staff Hire date in KARES is important to calculating professional learning hours.
  • Training taken before determination date may not apply to annual hours if the staff person is brand new to the field of early care and education.
  • Each Staff Person could have 3 different dates in TRIS used in different ways.

Please read this email for complete details on these key points


  • Prior to July 1,2020, professional development was calculated based on self-reported hire date. Fingerprint date was also considered the ‘background check ‘ date.
  • July 1, 2020 regulation changes were effective to align training hours for licensing and KY All STARS with the state fiscal year of July 1st – June 30th annually.  There were special considerations for new staff who may enter a program at anytime during the fiscal year. The special considerations were to allow a new staff person, new to the field of early care and education, a full year to complete the required training hours.
  • To meet regulation changes, ECE-TRIS added a field to document if a person is New ECE Staff and also to capture their original start date in the field. This is known as First Year Start Date in ECE-TRIS.
  • The ECE-TRIS Required Training Hours Report was modified to calculate existing staff on the fiscal year and New ECE Staff on the First Year Start date.


  • Determination date is to be used as the standard for your staff start dates.
  • KARES Hire Date cannot occur prior to determination date in KARES. In other words, no provisional hires.
  • Data will be provided to ECE-TRIS at the beginning of each month for importing into user records.


Each person may have 3 dates:

  • Determination Date (replacing the Fingerprint date),

Determination Date (currently labeled Fingerprint date) will still appear on the Training Record Report in the header.

  • Hire date as reported with any Personnel updates

Self-Reported Hire date for existing staff will be added to the Training Record report header. This is used by DRCC to determine if required initial trainings (Orientation and PAHT) have been met within timelines. At some point in the future we also plan to use the hire date reported in KARES for existing staff as well. Please begin making sure the KARES dates are accurate.

  • If a New ECE Staff person (brand new to the field) they will also have a First Year Start Date

New ECE STAFF First Year Start Date will display on the Required Training Hours Report. If staff person is not new to the field of ECE, the Required Training Hours Report will calculate on fiscal year (July 1 – June 30th)

For background check questions, you can reach out KARES Help Desk Questions related to the required training hours report for new staff, pleaseemail

Sent to DCC Listserv January 10, 2023

Good afternoon,

First, DCC would like to apologize for this afternoon’s town hall.  We are diligently working to identify ways to keep this from happening in the future.

Attached you will find a copy of Elizabeth Fiehler’s presentation about the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).   You may also find more information about CACFP by visiting Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Homepage – Kentucky Department of Education.  If you have questions about CACFP, you may contact Ms. Fiehler at

The Kentucky Department of Public Health has partnered with the CDC under the State Physical Activity & Nutrition (SPAN) grant to offer GoNAPSACC programming FREE to all Kentucky child care providers! GoNAPSACC trainings teach standards for Health and Nutrition based on CACFP guidelines, which are considered “best practices”, and surpass KY licensing regulations. All modules within the program are already approved in ECE-TRIS.

The attached flyer (GoNAPSACC Training Flyer) has detailed information on how to get started.

Please use this resource to learn more about how to find approved trainings:

***For CACFP related training content, you can use keywords like CACFP, Food Program, etc. (Please note – not all trainings are sponsored/endorsed by the CACFP program.)

These attachments will also be made available on the DCC website .

Again, DCC is very sorry that today’s town hall did not go as planned.  We will communicate any changes to the town hall format prior to the February town hall scheduled for February 14, 2023.

Thank you for all you do to support Kentucky’s children,

Andrea T. Day


Division of Child Care

Go NAPSACC Training Flyer
CAC Early Childhood Town Hall