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CCAP Updates: October 2022

Sent to DCC Listserv October 21, 2022 Good afternoon, There have been a lot of exciting changes with the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) over the last year. The

Professional Development

Sent to DCC Listserv October 20, 2022 Good afternoon, We have several reminders for providers, as well as trainers, related to Professional Development and training hours: 1. Check the

[dcc-newsletter] Child Care Employee Income Exclusion

Sent to DCC Listserv October 18, 2022 Good afternoon, The Division of Child Care previously shared there would be a new provision for individuals applying for CCAP who are

ECE-TRIS Updates

Sent to DCC Listserv September 1, 2022 Effective 9/1/2022, all Personnel changes in ECE-TRIS will be submitted online. Any faxed or mailed forms will not be processed. ECE-TRIS has

Background Check Regulation Change

Sent to DCC Listserv August 15, 2022 The Division of Child Care updated 922 KAR 2:280 – Background checks for child care staff members.  These updates were made to

CCAP Update

Sent to DCC Listserv June 29, 2022 Good Afternoon! The Division of Child Care would like to share updates to the CCAP Regulation (922 KAR 2:160) as they apply

Townhall on Background Checks

Sent to DCC Listserv June 8, 2022 Good afternoon, The Division of Child Care, with support from our contracted partners, is offering monthly townhall meetings to discuss child care


Annual Professional Development Plan Approved First Aid and CPR Courses Change of Director Form Director Qualifications Worksheet Example Job Description – Assistant Director Example Job Description – Assistant Teacher


Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector Online Course Example Administration of Medication Form Example Blanket Diaper Cream Release Form Example Blanket Release for Emergency and Rescue Medication Form Example Blanket Sunscreen


Calculating Clock Hours for New Staff First Year and Second Year College Coursework Approval for Training Clock Hours Instruction ECE-TRIS Individual Training Form ECE-TRIS New Account Instructions ECE-TRIS Website