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Sent to DCC Listserv October 20, 2022

Good afternoon,

We have several reminders for providers, as well as trainers, related to Professional Development and training hours:

1. Check the calendar on ECE-TRIS for approved trainings and conferences BEFORE scheduling and booking your training event. Please see this link: for instructions on how to check the Calendar.

2. Training approvals need to be submitted in ECE-TRIS with 30 days or more notice prior to the training/conference for it to be approved. Please visit this link to view instructions on how to submit a Training Request:

3. Trainers are required to enter credit within TEN (10) CALENDAR days of the training. While we understand situations arise that may interfere with the entry, it is an expectation of every trainer. You will receive documentation in the form of a warning letter for the first offense. Upon a second or subsequent offense, proceedings will begin for a revocation of your Trainer’s Credential for non-compliance with this regulatory requirement. If you are having difficulty meeting this requirement, please meet with your Child Care Aware Training Coach.


922 KAR 2:240:

Section 12 outlines the Ten Day Timeliness requirements

Section 16 outlines the requirements for Preapprovals of Conferences, Seminars, Institutes, Workshops, Independent Studies and Online ECE Training

Thank you,

DCC Professional Development Team


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