CCAP Updates: October 2022

Sent to DCC Listserv October 21, 2022

Good afternoon,

There have been a lot of exciting changes with the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) over the last year. The state continues to cover family co-pays which keeps more money in a family’s pocket and cuts down on child care provider costs. Some other enhancements/improvements:

  • Provider reimbursement rates and eligibility income limits are at a record high, which means we can serve more families across the Commonwealth.
  • Private pay families that may have never qualified for any type of child care assistance before, may now be income-eligible for CCAP.
  • CCAP application processes have been streamlined.

Earlier in the week, the Division of Child Care shared information regarding the Child Care Employee Income Exclusion that will launch on October 24. This is an exciting provision that we know will benefit your program, but most importantly, your hardworking staff.

To serve as aids in the weeks to come, we’ve attached the following:

  • Child Care Assistance Program Tip sheet
  • Child Care Employee Exclusion Flyer
  • Child Care Employee Exclusion FAQ

We will also be mailing a copy of the first two documents to all providers.  We ask that each provider place the Child Care Assistance Program Tip Sheet in a prominent location within their program (maybe on the door walking into your program), so that those families who may not think they are eligible for CCAP can see the new eligibility income limits.

As always, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to families across the Commonwealth!

Division of Child Care



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