[dcc-newsletter] Child Care Employee Income Exclusion

Sent to DCC Listserv October 18, 2022

Good afternoon,

The Division of Child Care previously shared there would be a new provision for individuals applying for CCAP who are employed in child care. Starting October 24, families applying for CCAP that meet all technical eligibility requirements and have verified employment in a CHFS regulated (licensed or certified) child care program will be eligible to have ALL household income excluded from the CCAP application process.

The CCAP application process will remain the same, with the exception, that all household income will be excluded, thus making CCAP eligibility available to those employed in child care that may have been previously denied due to income barriers.


  • Verified employment must be with a CHFS regulated (licensed or certified) child care provider.

      Parents/stepparents that are working in a Licensed Child Care Facility are eligible for CCAP benefits, but they cannot be responsible for the primary care of their child/ren. They shall NOT be the Lead or Assistant teacher in their child’s classroom. Through business practices, it’s the responsibility of the Child Care Center to make sure an employee is not being paid to provide care for their own child.

     Parents/step-parents that are working in a Certified Child Care Home are eligible for CCAP benefits, but their child/ren must attend another facility, as it would be impossible to clarify if the parent/step-parent is actually not caring for his/her own child/children.

  • All earned and unearned household income is excluded for this “Protected Population”.
  • CCAP work requirements, SNAP E&T, and training/education, as well as all other technical eligibility requirements still apply for the household/ responsible adults and parents.
  • The Child Care Employee Exclusion is not applicable for center owners.
  • All existing mandatory verifications are still applicable and failure to provide these timely would result in denial/discontinuance.
  • Families receiving child care under this provision will not have a family co-payment as their monthly income is assessed at zero.
  • Families would still be responsible for any overages assessed by the child care provider, if applicable.
  • This provision is not limited to new CCAP applicants. Employees with active CCAP eligibility that are currently being assessed a family co-payment are eligible for the income exclusion. The employee would need to contact DCBS to request to participate.
  • This provision will not be available until October 24, 2022.

Employees may apply:

By visiting their local DCBS Office.

By calling DCBS/Family Support at 1-855-306-8959.

Online at kynect.ky.gov

Thank you for all you do for Kentucky’s children and families!

Division of Child Care



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