Background Check Regulation Change

Sent to DCC Listserv August 15, 2022

The Division of Child Care updated 922 KAR 2:280 – Background checks for child care staff members.  These updates were made to ensure compliance with federal requirements.  These regulatory changes became effective on July 20, 2022. 

DCC hosted a Town Hall on June 14, 2022 explaining the background check requirements and the proposed changes.  The PowerPoint presentation and Zoom recording of that town hall can be found on the DCC website:

The biggest change impacting providers is not being able to provisionally hire staff prior to the results of their fingerprints being received.  We have received many questions about how this regulation change will be surveyed:

  • Staff entered into KARES prior to July 20th will complete the process and not be cited if working provisionally. 
  • Staff entered into KARES on and after July 21st should not be working until all background checks have been completed and on file.  The latter will be cited.

Thanks for all you do to support Kentucky’s families and children,

Division of Child Care


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