ECE-TRIS Updates

Sent to DCC Listserv September 1, 2022

Effective 9/1/2022, all Personnel changes in ECE-TRIS will be submitted online. Any faxed or mailed forms will not be processed.

ECE-TRIS has streamlined this process by making available online areas to submit these changes.  Below are some Personnel related tips and resources to assist you.

All the links below are also found in the ECE-TRIS FORMS area.

New Account Instructions

  • If a user attempts to create an account on this page and has an existing account, they will be made aware and can follow the instructions for recovering their username or resetting their password to submit changes.
  • If a user never logged in to set-up their account, they will not have security questions to recover or reset. They can follow the Login Instructions for first time users by clicking Login Help

Managing Your ECE-TRIS Account: Self-Service Tips


  • The email on your account is used to find a match for your record in ECE-TRIS.  You can use this email even if you do not have access to it anymore. It is only used to find the matching record.
  • If you reset your password and still have issues, follow the same steps to Recover Username.  Usernames can contain numbers in some cases and this will also let you confirm spelling.
    • If a typo is found in your username, please email for a correction.
    • If you are unable to use the password reset, it is likely because you account is still in the ‘default password’ format. You can refer to Login Help for more information.

Employer Changes

  • If you have a new employer, go to Manage My Personal Information.  Your changes will be submitted to the TRIS team for final changes. Please allow 7-10 days.
    • Please note:  submitting a new hire date in this area will not impact a user’s First Year Start Date. That information will come from DCC.
  • Administrators who have staff who have separated from your program, please follow the instructions found here.  Managing Staff Listing

Any questions can be sent to