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Kentucky Driver History Records


Approved First Aid and CPR Courses Change of Director Form

Spanish Forms

Chequeo a Través del Registro Central de Cuidado Infantil – DCC-374 Central Registry Check for Licensed Certified Registered (CAN Check) – Spanish Hoja de recomendaciones para proveedores acerca del


Kentucky Out of School Alliance

Resources and Links

Benefind Website Caring for Our Children, 4th Edition Child Care Health Consultation Posters and Handouts Division of Child Care (DCC) DRCC Forms for Child Care Facilities Governor’s Office for

Required Forms and Postings

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy Licensed Initial Packet Licensed Renewal Packet


Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector Online Course

Managing Your Child Care Business

Child Care Tax Center Kentucky One Stop Shop for Starting a Business Kentucky Small Business Development Center Market Rate Study Notice of Permanent Closure Form Request for Temporary Closure

KICCS Portal

KICCS Provider Portal Access Agreement KICCS Provider Portal Launch Page KOG KARES KICCS Technical Assistance PowerPoint