Interstate Background Check Process

Interstate Background Check Process

The Division of Child Care (DCC) is now responsible for requesting all interstate background checks. We hope this added support will benefit your child care program.

Please see the attached flow chart and the Interstate Background Process below for additional information:

  • DCC will request an interstate background check from state(s) the prospective staff member has resided in the last five years. The background check request will include:
    • state sex offender registry 
    • state child abuse and neglect registry and database
    • state criminal registry
  • DCC will make an eligibility determination within 45 days.
  • Based on various states requirements, DCC staff will contact the child care provider or prospective staff member if more information is needed.
  • DCC will upload the determination of eligible or ineligible into KARES and notify the child care provider and prospective staff member via email to check KARES for the status change.
  • When there is an ineligible determination, DCC will notify the prospective staff member of the results of the background check including information related to each disqualifying crime, and information on the opportunity to appeal the ineligible determination.
  • If you have questions regarding background checks, please email CHFSDCCNBCP@ky.govfor assistance.

Additional Background Check Information

  • “Provisional” status has been removed from KARES. The new status, “Under Supervision”, shall be chosen for the current or prospective staff member undergoing an active appeal process for the following:
  • child abuse or neglect substantiation
  • current or prospective staff members rehabilitative review is in process
  • The Legal Guardian of a prospective staff member under the age of 18 is required to fill out the “Parental Consent Form” attached. Then, the child care provider will upload that document into the KARES application. 

Thank you,

Division of Child Care, Fitness Determination Section