Why Energize?

Energizers are meant to boost your energy level, wake you up (physically and mentally) and to get you or keep you focused.

They are meant to be placed within a training when participants have been sitting for awhile or after stressful or deep information has been discussed.

The energizer activity can range from a simple breathing exercise to an activity requiring you to get up and move.

The energizers do not have to relate to your training topic at all but relate more to self care.

Included are five popular energizers. You can get creative and change them up some or create your own energizer.

1. Breathing Exercise 7, 6, 5: Inhale 7 seconds, hold 6 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. There are many variations, use your favorite!

2. Touch 3 walls: Get up and go touch three walls (preferably the farthest away) and come back to your seat.

3. Shake Down: Shake your body one limb at a time. For example, shake your right arm 8 times, now shake your left arm 8 times…..

4. Touch Blue: Participants get up, find something blue (of the color of your choice) and touch it and return to your seat.

5. Dance, dance, dance: Participants dance when they hear music play. (Trainer will turn music on and off as needed).

You can adapt these to work online or in person. Stick to the time allotted for the activity and keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t so you will know how to adjust the energizer the next time you use it.