New ECE-TRIS Trainer Search Features Coming Soon!

ECE-TRIS is working on enhancements for the Trainer Search and Trainer Information pages that will allow you to share additional information to connect with programs looking for trainers.

The Manage My Personal Information area has recently been expanded so that ECE-TRIS can begin collecting additional trainer search and results information. You can help by updating your trainer information. Click on the orange “Manage My Personal Information” button on your home page and scroll down to the trainer information section. New options include:

· Primary Topics/Content Area of Training – Select your targeted content area where you are most knowledgeable or train most often.

· Biography Statement – Add a short statement (300-character limit) providing information about your educational background, work experience, or anything else that will help promote your training business.

· Add Social Media – Add links to a variety of social media options. You could upload a brief video link (1 minute limit) introducing yourself and the topics you are passionate about. These new options are great tools to market yourself. Questions? Contact your regional training coach!