Trainer’s Institute 2022: It’s a Wrap!

We want to stop and say thanks to all of our Credentialed Trainer’s who attended this years annual Trainer’s Institute. We appreciate your commitment to continue learning and growing to be the best trainer’s possible. We hope that you enjoyed the sessions and that you take what you learned and put it into practice. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Here are the number of attendees for each session. Again we appreciate you making each session a hit!

Name:  # of attendees who received credit/session
Tracey Ball (Unlock the Next Level of Course Design: An Adventure in Gamification) 76 
Alicia Benben & Jennifer Pusateri (All Together Now: How to Tackle the Hybrid Learning Space) 51 
Kristin Dahl & Patti Singleton (Engagement Strategies to Promote Connection and Mental Wellness) 88 
Dawn Griffin/Julie Halitzka/Patti Singleton (Let’s Get Physical: Using Visual Aids to Plan Trainings) 72 
Pastor Edward Palmer (DEI) 75 
Kristin Salada (10 Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques: Strategies for Meaningful Experiences) 89 
Amy Saville (EAT for Training Health: Experience-Awareness-Theory) 70 
Paul Wesselman (Curious Minds, Open Hearts, Nurture Health, Calm Spirit) 97