Training Objectives and Why They’re Important

Did you know ECE-TRIS training set-up requires objectives? Objectives can also be called outcomes. Training outcomes specify what your trainees will learn from the training. A workplace outcome is the change your learners will make in their workplace because of your training. Make sure the information you submit includes both. Here is an example: “The training objectives are a, b, and c, so that you can return to your workplace and do x.”

Having clear information on your training objectives helps connect you with prospective learners. It also helps the Division of Child Care in reviewing trainings to determine if they demonstrate All STARS training standards.

Depending on your training delivery type, here are instructions to enter objectives during ECE-TRIS set-up:

· For face-to-face training, you will enter your training objectives as part of the description.

· For non-face-to-face training, you will enter the description and objectives separately when submitting the training via the Create WBT area. When ECE-TRIS reviews and sets up the online training shell, they will combine the information into the description that will show on the calendar.

Remember that a good training title will also indicate the workplace outcome!

Want some help on titles, objectives, TRIS set-up or any other aspects of training planning? Contact your Regional Training Coach!