Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset: What Do You Think?

If someone has a fixed mindset they believe you have all the talent, ability, and intelligence that you are ever going to have. You cannot develop or improve on what you possess. A fixed mindset is resistant to change. A fixed mindset can hold people back from meeting their full potential. A typical saying for those with a fixed mindset is “you are born with it or not”.

A growth mindset believes you can improve on your abilities, talents, and intelligence. A growth mindset does not mean everything comes easy to a person. It does mean how someone processes and moves forward from failures allows growth by trying to do something new or get better at something you already do. Someone with a growth mindset is continually searching and attempting to improve on their attributes, attitudes, talents, and abilities.

What do you believe? Do you think famous actors and actresses do not have to take training to continually improve on their talent? Are they simply gifted? Or do you think everyone could do things better if they practiced and tried harder, tried to learn more, and put the knowledge into practice? Wouldn’t you hate to think the reason you did not reach your full potential is because your “mindset” wouldn’t allow you to?

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