TOT Series from DCC

In December 2020, the Division of Child Care launched a series of Training of the Trainers (TOTs) that are developed to specifically focus on supporting children with special needs in early childhood environments.  

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to our first two TOTs. DCC is happy to bring you three more sessions of free TOTs in June 2021 that will focus specifically on communication with and support for families of children with developmental delays.  

This training is designed to be adjusted for level 1 or level 2 learners in order to help the majority of child care providers in the state understand communication strategies and partnerships with families who may be working into, or through, the early intervention process.  

Training Topic:  Communicating with Families and Caregivers to Provide Support to Children with Developmental Delays

Led by: Lauren Rachels, DCC Training Development Specialist

Description:  Many child care providers are hesitant to discuss observed behaviors with parents and caregivers surrounding developmental delays of their children. This can cause a breakdown in communication and lack of a trusting partnership between child care providers and families. This can also delay needed services to be received by a child. This training will deliver information to child care providers to feel informed and confident in communication skills and options, especially when dealing with sensitive subject matter. It will also help empower child care providers to build a partnership between their care, familial and non-familial caregivers and community/state level resources for those children.

There will be three different TOTs offered on this topic (all with the same content).  Interested trainers will only need to sign-up for one session.  Each participant will be sent a Zoom link prior to the training.  Upon receiving the Zoom link for your training session, we ask that you do not share it with others. Each TOT session will allow for 50 trainers to participate.  Registration information for the available TOTs will be sent through the Trainer ListServ the first week of June, so be on the lookout!

There will be no cost to participate in the TOT.  Trainers will receive a copy of the PowerPoint for the training and a template for the ECE-TRIS cover sheet based on the training.  There will NOT be adult learning hours offered through the TOT.  It will only focus on curriculum content.