Pack Your Bags!

Newly credentialed trainers may not have the experience of knowing to bring along some “extras” in the event they are not supplied, are missing from the training venue or you have simply forgot or misplaced them. I have included several suggestions to get new trainers started on supplying their tote, bag, box, or whatever they choose to use as their backup plan!

Always have extra extension cords, batteries (of various sizes), ECE TRIS information sheets (you want all participants to get credit even if you have forgotten the ones you printed!), extra sign in sheets (admit it, we all forget sometimes), something to keep time with (remember you can not allow participants to leave early and still get full credit), hard copy of your presentation (you never know when you have to rely on you and not a computer) and make sure to include extra pens, sticky notes and tape!

This is an ongoing process, you can always add things as you learn!!