Have you ever watched a YouTube video to learn something quickly?  Maybe to fix a leaky faucet or even to clean a stubborn stain? Did you jump to a different video because the first did not get to the point fast enough? Did you skip around the video to get to the important parts? Those are examples of microlearning. Microlearning supplies condensed, relevant information promptly. 

Microlearning is not a new concept, however technology has taken the idea of small, concise content to a new level. Companies are now using it for onboarding, skills training, and process education. These platforms are sometimes even patterned after social media, with bite sized clips and forums for ‘classmates’ to discuss relevant topics. 

Can you think of apps that teach little lessons in just a few minutes? There are hundreds!  Language apps, health improvement, cooking, parent child interaction activities, and every other possible thing you could ever want to learn, and many things you don’t! These microlearning apps are right in your hand. Busy schedules, convenience, and fast paced lives make microlearning an ever-increasing way to learn and review information.  

How can microlearning be used by a trainer? Microlearning can be added to almost any training easily! Microlearning can take any form relevant to your content- be creative! Here are a few ideas: 

  • Sending learning bursts before, during, and after a training. 
  • Embed it into trainings using gamification. 
  • Include it in needs assessments and evaluations. 
  • Use it in follow ups and reminder emails. 
  • Add it to your email signature! 


  • Choose content that is truly helpful and relevant. 
  • Decide what medium will best carry the information. 
  • Consider the delivery timing for maximum effectiveness. 

Microlearning is actually a big deal. This is just a teeny bit of information(a micro-chunk) on a huge topic. If you are considering adding a microlesson to one of your upcoming trainings, Lauren Freeman (YouTube) has a wonderful series. Here is a link to her channel.  https://youtu.be/QIneSsndae8