CCAP Clarification

Sent to DCC Listserv January 3, 2023

Good Afternoon,

CCAP Billing Clarifications

  • Many providers have questioned the use of the DCC-94E, Child Care Daily Attendance Record while CCAP is paying based on enrollment.  The DCC-94E is a regulated form, therefore, must be used daily and retained by the provider for 5 years.  The regulation specifically states:

              Section 14. Provider Requirements.

(1) (c)

       1. Maintain the DCC-94E, Child Care Daily Attendance Record, or a cabinet approved electronic billing system in which the attendance is:

  1. Recorded legibly each time the child arrives and each time the child departs the provider’s care; and
  2. Signed or electronically recorded legibly with the first and last name by the parent or applicant for the child served by CCAP; 

Take Advantage of Payment Options

  • All Providers who are not currently taking advantage of direct deposit for their CCAP funds are encouraged to contact to explore this option.  Direct Deposit payments are received faster than a check payment (removing the mail service) and delivery is electronic thus preventing mailing mishaps.  DCC has received several destroyed or lost checks over the past year and direct deposit would eliminate these risks.
  • Electronic submission of the Provider Billing Form (PBF) speeds up the payment process.  On the first day of each month electronic PBFs open for providers to submit through KICCS for payment.   Providers who receive a paper PBF must wait for the PBF to be sent via USPS on the first business day of each month.  Contact to get set up!
  • ALL CCAP questions should be sent to the inbox—not a specific DCC staff person.  Each staff person has a list of counties they generally assist BUT may not always be available.  By sending all emails directly to the CCAP inbox, they can be answered more efficiently, and it creates a paper trail benefiting everyone.

Thank you,