Update to College Coursework Acceptance

Sent to DCC Listserv January 9, 2023

Good Afternoon,

Update to College Coursework Acceptance for Annual Required Training Credit/Hours

Early Care and Education (ECE) Professionals may earn professional development training and clock hours in several different formats, including college credit hours. Some of this coursework is part of a related degree program, but the course does not focus on ECE specific content that aligns with core content knowledge and subject areas. Additionally, coursework may have a focus on content for children ages five (5) to twelve (12) and the provider currently works with this age group. This content is relevant and necessary for that provider to participate in a quality school-aged program. Coursework may also focus on broader child-related topics, but not be specific to ECE. This coursework may still be applicable in an ECE classroom by a provider. These courses would be denied any credit for clock hours in the ECE-TRIS system.

DCC Solution: Providers may receive partial credit for college coursework in the amount of seven and a half (7.5) clock hours for coursework that may be related to ECE, but does not categorically meet the requirements of the core content subject areas.

This may apply to (but is not limited to) the following scenarios:

1. The coursework submitted is part of an overall approved program of instruction related to ECE (for example, a Grant Writing or Research Methods course as part of a Master’s program in Education), but the course is not focused on ECE specific content.

2. The coursework submitted partially covers ECE-related content (for example, a Lifespan Development Course, which covers infancy through elder adulthood)

3. The coursework submitted can be applied in ECE settings, but is not ECE core content area specific (for example, certain child-based therapies)

This may award providers with seven and a half (7.5) clock hours for college coursework that is deemed a partial relation which would have previously been denied any credit. Providers may submit multiple courses in a semester or training calendar year to fulfill the regulatory requirement of fifteen (15) clock hours per year of training.

Providers are still required to submit transcripts and syllabi in the College Coursework Area in ECE-TRIS to receive clock hour credits. Providers also need to ensure they have completed all supporting questions on the submission page.

For the full Policy Clarification, visit: https://www.chfs.ky.gov/agencies/dcbs/dcc/Documents/policyclarificationpartialcreditforcollegework.pdf

If you have further questions, please e-mail DCCPDStaff@ky.gov and/or ECE-TRIS: ecetris@eku.edu

*Please note, this applies only to coursework submitted from 1/1/2023 forward. This will not be retroactively granted for previously denied coursework.*