Background Check Data and ECE-TRIS

Sent to DCC Listserv December 13, 2022

This is a clarification of how the Division of Child Care, Division of Regulated Child Care and ECE-TRIS collaborate and use your background check data.


  • Accuracy of your staff Hire date in KARES is important to calculating professional learning hours.
  • Training taken before determination date may not apply to annual hours if the staff person is brand new to the field of early care and education.
  • Each Staff Person could have 3 different dates in TRIS used in different ways.

Please read this email for complete details on these key points


  • Prior to July 1,2020, professional development was calculated based on self-reported hire date. Fingerprint date was also considered the ‘background check ‘ date.
  • July 1, 2020 regulation changes were effective to align training hours for licensing and KY All STARS with the state fiscal year of July 1st – June 30th annually.  There were special considerations for new staff who may enter a program at anytime during the fiscal year. The special considerations were to allow a new staff person, new to the field of early care and education, a full year to complete the required training hours.
  • To meet regulation changes, ECE-TRIS added a field to document if a person is New ECE Staff and also to capture their original start date in the field. This is known as First Year Start Date in ECE-TRIS.
  • The ECE-TRIS Required Training Hours Report was modified to calculate existing staff on the fiscal year and New ECE Staff on the First Year Start date.


  • Determination date is to be used as the standard for your staff start dates.
  • KARES Hire Date cannot occur prior to determination date in KARES. In other words, no provisional hires.
  • Data will be provided to ECE-TRIS at the beginning of each month for importing into user records.


Each person may have 3 dates:

  • Determination Date (replacing the Fingerprint date),

Determination Date (currently labeled Fingerprint date) will still appear on the Training Record Report in the header.

  • Hire date as reported with any Personnel updates

Self-Reported Hire date for existing staff will be added to the Training Record report header. This is used by DRCC to determine if required initial trainings (Orientation and PAHT) have been met within timelines. At some point in the future we also plan to use the hire date reported in KARES for existing staff as well. Please begin making sure the KARES dates are accurate.

  • If a New ECE Staff person (brand new to the field) they will also have a First Year Start Date

New ECE STAFF First Year Start Date will display on the Required Training Hours Report. If staff person is not new to the field of ECE, the Required Training Hours Report will calculate on fiscal year (July 1 – June 30th)

For background check questions, you can reach out KARES Help Desk Questions related to the required training hours report for new staff, pleaseemail