KARES Issues

DCC is aware of the glitches in the KARES system following last week’s update. Our technical staff  are working on solutions.

Meanwhile, we have compiled some FAQs and tips that may be helpful: 


I have been receiving emails stating staff have reached the 5-year mark and need to be re-fingerprinted.   These staff members have had their fingerprints taken, I’ve received the results, and marked them as permanent hires, but I am still getting the reminder emails.  Why?


You have done everything correctly. The system is not recognizing the new TCN.  These staff members will continue to appear as duplicates on your roster until the old application hits the five-year mark. At that time, that eligibility will expire and it will automatically be removed from your roster. You may separate the old employment on the same day you hire them permanently on the new application. This will ensure no break in eligibility.  The duplicate will be removed from your roster and the notifications will stop for that individual.  Our programmers are working to correct this issue.


I am having a problem accessing KARES when I log in to Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) and receive an error page.


Please click the Sign Out button in the upper right-hand corner on the KOG screen.

Make sure that you close all browsers. Please follow the attached instructions for clearing your cookies. Then log back into your KOG account and launch the KARES system.

Should you have further questions, please contact CHFSDCCNBCP@ky.gov.