Regulation Changes!

There are several new regulatory requirements emerging for the Trainer’s Credential from this Legislative Review Session:

✔ Definitions were added on two different types of online learning – “asynchronous” and “synchronous”. “Asynchronous learning” means forms of education, instruction, and learning that occur at different times and in different places and may be accessed individually by trainees. They must meet the requirements of general trainings listed in regulation (Consist of a combination of alternative modes of delivery; and not consist solely of: 1. Reading an article; 2. Reading an article and answering questions; 3. Watching a video; or 4. Watching a video and answering questions) and shall include a method to gauge participation. “Synchronous learning” means forms of education, instruction, and learning that occur at the same time in real time, but not in the same place. They must contain interactive modes to demonstrate that the participant is verifiably and actively engaged in the training and content.

✔ Trainers who wish to conduct online trainings of any kind will be required to take an online training development course, titled FET 370: Introduction to Developing and Facilitating Online Learning. This is an online training conducted through HDI Learning. YOU WILL NOT HAVE PERMISSIONS TO ENTER/CONDUCT ONLINE TRAININGS THROUGH ECE-TRIS WITHOUT THIS COURSE! (Read additional article in this edition for more info and access to course).

✔ Specialty Trainers cannot have credentials in broad topics related to child development. Their topic of expertise must be specific to their credential or training.

✔ A trainee shall not repeat online training courses, including orientation, unless: Five years have passed since the online training was completed, or it is required as part of a disciplinary directive by a state agency or employer. Although this responsibility falls on the trainee, this is useful information for trainers to be aware of. If they do repeat a course, it will display on their ECE-TRIS training record, but will display as zero (0) hours.

✔ In order to renew a level 2-4 credential, the trainer must be observed by a Training Coach prior to the renewal. More details of how this procedure will work will follow.

✔ Use this link to the updated regulations to check out changes to training agencies and independent studies along with the previously discussed regulation changes. 922 KAR 2:240  Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential

✔ For more answers to your questions register to attend the Trainer Connections Event- New Training Regulations: What do they mean for me as a trainer? This will be on July 20th 2-3pm EST through zoom. Register with the following link by July 16th to attend and receive the zoom link: For those unable to attend that day a recording will be available through the HDI online community after the event or you may reach out to your regional Training Coach.