FET 370: Introduction to Developing and Facilitating Online Training

As you know there are some new changes to 922 KAR 2:240, the regulation for the Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential.


In Section 3:2, applicants and trainers conducting online trainings or webinars shall complete the cabinet-approved online training development course. There are two options for meeting this mandatory requirement and they are now live!

Option # 1

Course Title: FET 370: Introduction to Developing and Facilitating Online Training

Cost: there is no cost

Register herehttps://www.hdilearning.org/product/fet-370-beyond-fundamentals-introduction-to-developing-and-facilitating-online-training/

Option #2 is available only to those that previously completed Beyond Fundamentals: Online Course Development. If you are wondering if you have completed this course, you can review your Training Record for Beyond Fundamentals Tech for Trainers: Online Course Development. You will have also received a direct email from Dawn Griffin with the special link to the Refresher.

Course Title: FET 370 Refresher

Cost: there is no cost