Poll Everywhere

Have you been looking for a polling app to use in your trainings? Poll Everywhere might have what you are looking for. 

Poll Everywhere is a web-based app that can be integrated into your virtual or face to face training sessions.  Polling is a great way to gauge trainee knowledge, mark attendance, introduce new content, activate prior learning, offers a break in lecture, and so much more!  Polling is so versatile it can fit into almost any part of your training.

Poll Everywhere responses can be anonymous, or you can have screen name attached to responses.  Poll Everywhere updates in real time.  As new answers are submitted the poll activity is updated for everyone to see. 

There are a number of ways to gather responses.  Here are a few:

  • Multiple Choice – ask a question and let trainees choose from a list of answers.
  • Word Cloud – visualize audience responses as a word cloud.
  • Q&A – have trainees respond to a question, then allow them to upvote or downvote other answers.  A great way to gather consensus. 
  • Clickable Image – upload an image and ask a question.  Trainees will click anywhere on the image to respond.
  • Survey – create a series of questions that trainees can answer at their own pace.
  • Open-Ended – ask a question and have trainees type in a free-form answer.
  • Competition – create a series of questions, then have trainees compete to answer the fastest.

Once you have created your poll, you will get information that can be shared with trainees on how to access the poll.  Polls can be accessed via text message or through a website.

To use Poll Everywhere, you do not need an account.  Poll Everywhere has basic free accounts and paid accounts.  There are various features to the different accounts with monthly and yearly options.  If you decide to use Poll Everywhere, make sure to research which account would serve you best.  An important note is that there are limited responses (up to 25) for the free account.  This option may not be best for trainers who will host larger training sessions.   

Poll Everywhere can be integrated into Power Point (with either a free or paid subscription).  You will be required to download the update for it to work and it will only be attached to your Power Point.  There will be a tab specific to Poll Everywhere in your PowerPoint and you log into a Poll Everywhere account to connect the two.  When adding the poll to your PowerPoint you can add a screen that details instructions on how to access the poll.  Please note, that when looking at these slides in the edit function of PowerPoint it will not look correct.  You will need to view in a slideshow to see in its correct formatting. 

Poll Everywhere is a neat polling app with lots of options of polls that can be used to provide variety in your trainings.  It can require a bit of a learning curve to using but is designed simply and can be quickly picked up. 

Join us next Trainer Talk as we discuss another tech feature available for you to use in your trainings!