Importance of Core Content Subject Area’s (CCSA’s)

When you set up a training in ECE-TRIS, taking the time to enter an accurate core content subject area (CCSA) will help participants find your training on the ECE-TRIS calendar. It will also ensure that your applicable training can be considered to meet requirements for badging and credentials.  

***The CCSA field must be entered in ECE-TRIS for trainings to be considered for the Infant/Toddler or School Age badges.*** 

Kentucky has seven core content subject areas or CCSA’s: 

  1. Child growth and development 
  1. Health, safety, and nutrition 
  1. Professional development/professionalism 
  1. Learning environments and curriculum 
  1. Child assessment 
  1. Family/community partnerships  
  1. Program management and evaluation 

The CCSA and training level for your training will be driven by the competency statement you select from the Kentucky Professional Development Framework (Appendix A). Choose the competency statement that most relates to your desired workplace outcome. Taking this step helps you level your trainings, code your CCSA accurately, and target your content.  

Your Regional Training Coach can assist with identifying CCSA’s, planning your training, and ECE-TRIS set-up. We are here to help!