Debating as a Training Method

As trainers you want to have many training methods in your tool box. One that is rarely used in trainings is debate. If you recently went through FET you may remember participating in a debate.

Debating may take you out of your comfort zone as a trainer but it can also be a great way to get the participants involved and excited about the day.

To begin with make sure you have an even number of teams. Ask for a “debater” from each team (the debater will be arguing the teams’ points). Assign what side of the debate each team will be taking. Give a few minutes for the team to brainstorm reasons behind their stand on the topic. (Keep in mind you may be debating against something you are for, your job is to come up with information to back up what you are saying.)

Set a time limit (we suggest 30 seconds for each debater). Each team will argue their stance! The more lively the debater, the more excited the participants become and it’s okay to cheer on your team debater!

Keep in mind, the topic you choose does not need to be one that can be very personal or cause arguments. It is up to you, the trainer, to choose a topic that enhances the training. Try to start with the negative side and end with the positive side.

I recommend you try it at least once! Debating is not for everyone, but it can be a training method to add to your tool box. It requires very little preparation on the part of the trainer. It can be an easy go to if you need something in a hurry!