Background Checks Update – March 2024

Good afternoon Providers,

DCC has amended the background check regulation (922 KAR 2:280) to incorporate recommendations following our federal monitoring visit.  The updated regulation can be found here.

Below is a quick overview of the changes made:

  • Minor changes:
    • Added definitions for:
      • Registered relative provider
      • State and national criminal history records
    • Added language explaining the requirement for a new background check every 5 years.
    • Added language explaining the need for a new background check if employee has not been employed in child care for 180 consecutive days or more.
    • Added language about parental consent needed for those under the age of 18.
  • Major Changes:
    • Those under the age of 18 can now be entered in KARES.
    • Administrative fee being increased from $25 to up to $30.  This is due to an increase in fees from our vendor. ***DCC is currently using available funding to cover all background check fees. 
    • Out of State Background Check Process

The National Background Check Program staff have developed the attached technical assistance tools to help you with this transition:

  • Out of State Background Check Tip Sheet
  • Interstate Background Check Process Flowchart
  • National Fingerprint File (NFF) Map
  • Parental Consent Form

These changes were effective February 20, 2024.   DRCC will begin surveying for compliance beginning Monday, April 8, 2024.

You may contact  with any questions regarding these changes.