Training Coach Changes/ HELP WANTED!

During the past several months the Training Coaches have had several staff changes. It may be confusing for those Regions where the changes keep on coming. Julie Halitzka joined our team back at the end of March this year as the Salt River Regions Training Coach. With the promotion of Hans Petersen to Regional Child Care Administrator, Julie is now moving from the Training Coach of Salt River to Jefferson. Don’t worry Salt River folks she is serving both Regions until that position is filled.

Dawn Griffin has been the Training Coach for the Northern Bluegrass Region for several years now. However, she is taking a new position as an Instructional Design Coordinator with the Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky. Don’t worry she will still be helping our team in other capacities. As she transitions to her new position, she will still be available to assist with Training Coach duties during the interim.

With all these changes, the Training Coach team is in need of a Training Coach for Salt River Region and Northern Bluegrass Region. If you are interested in being a Training Coach for the Salt River or Northern Bluegrass Regions here are the links to the job postings to apply for those positions:

Early Care and Education Coach RE30054Salt River Region

Deadline to Apply: 10/05/2021 

Posting Link:

Early Care and Education “Training” Coach – RE30210Northern Bluegrass Region

Deadline to Apply: 10/13/2021

Posting Link:

Congratulations to Dawn on her new journey and best wishes!