Using Themes to Make Your Training Memorable

Important content is what we would like our participants to remember. However, you can boost participants’ memory with a little organized fun.  Consider using an appropriate theme for your training. Themes tie together content in a fun way, and create a simple pattern for ice breakers, openers, brain breaks, and even content review.


Literacy in the EC Classroom

  • Ice Breaker= Quotes from storybook characters. Name that character! 
  • Opener= Share your favorite versatile book and how you use it. (small groups).
  • Brain Break= huffing and puffing slowly to blow the house down!
  • Content Review=Choose a character (question on the back).

Themes can be as subtle or as bold as desired. A trainer could even dress up or decorate according to the theme.  

Do you have a training soon and want to “fun” it up? Try using a theme, tie it directly to your content and you will have a memorable and fun training!