Under 18 KARES

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Workforce Development and KARES – Hiring under 18, Co-Ops & Internships

Many providers are working with high school Family & Consumer Science programs, IECE programs and more to provide hands-on apprenticeships and experiences for students. Some of these students may be under 18, and it can present a problem to ensure compliance with licensing. When the co-op/internship begins, they are considered employees of your program and are listed in ECE-TRIS as a teacher/aid/assistant with your program.

First, the child care center/program (or the student’s sponsoring program) needs to complete a CA/N (Child Abuse and Neglect) check through the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG). The program is titled “CAN Payment and Verification”. Please keep in mind, parental consent needs to be given as well for a CA/N check on any individual under the age of 18. You may contact CHFSDCCNBCP@ky.gov if you need additional information on using the digital system for CA/N checks.

Secondly, a criminal background check must be run through one of two ways:

-The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC):


– Kentucky State Police Criminal Background Check: http://kentuckystatepolice.org/forms/background-check-forms/

Students (or any individual under the age of 18) cannot work in the classroom until these checks have been completed, and results returned and cleared. Working individuals under 18 in the classroom do NOT count for ratio as a stand-alone; they must be paired with another teacher that has supervisory authority over the children. The employee or student that is under 18 must also obtain training hours with your program. As a result, their First-Year Start Date (FYS) will pre-date their KARES determination date. You should enter the individual into the KARES background check system as soon as they turn 18.

Here is an example of a 17-year-old high school senior who is an FCS student and doing a co-op or internship in a child care program:

2/1/2023 – CA/N check and criminal background check completed for student. Results are clear.

2/5/23 – Student begins working in the center. New employer updates entered into ECE-TRIS, role changes to teacher/aide/assistant, Hire date is this date, as well as First Year Start Date.

6/1/23 – Student graduates high school, and begins working full time in the center.

6/28/23 – Student turns 18; Director/Admin enters them into KARES, they are fingerprinted, and the determination comes back the same day. This is the KARES determination date, BUT not the FYS date or hire date. Those will be reflected in the earlier dates on the Training Record.

Based on the FYS date, this teacher will need Orientation within 90 days of 2/5/23 (likely already completed with the FCS program), PAHT before 2/5/24, and additional training hours to equal 15 hours before 2/5/24. This teacher may already have credit from completion of requirements through the FCS program as a co-op or internship. This teacher will have a “second year” from 2/6/24-6/30/24 to obtain 15 hours of professional development (if not already on the training record). Then, the teacher will be on the fiscal year training calendar of 7/1/24-6/30/25, and each subsequent year. If you have additional questions about training records, please contact ECE-TRIS at ecetris@eku.edu. If you have questions related to Professional Development, contact DCCPDStaff@ky.gov.

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