Renewing and the Five Year Rule

Have you heard about the 5year rule for training? This new regulation went into effect July 2021.

Here’s what you need to know as a trainer:

The regulation states that Providers/Teachers/Trainers now must wait 5 years to repeat credit on an online course. (This does not include Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma-that is repeatable after 4 years to remain in compliance).

In order to ensure compliance of this regulation all online training will be entered into ECE-TRIS via Create Webinar/WBT/IS area. Using this area will allow a program/course to be set up with a unique ID for each title by the system (ECE-TRIS). When credit is added to the system for this unique ID, the course can be checked on each participant’s record to determine if clock hours can be awarded based on the new 5-year timeline. The system will automatically make changes to the clock hours if the participant is within the 5-year range. The training will show on all participant’s ECE-TRIS records that the trainer verifies credit but may show zero clock hours, if they are within the 5-year range.

This regulation also applies to trainers who are taking online courses to meet the requirement for credential renewal. Please be sure that you have not taken the course within 5 years so that you will receive credit. Here are some options to look for trainings:

1. ECE-TRIS calendar

2. HDi Learning website

3. Annual Trainers Institute

4. DCC approved trainings and Conferences

IF you have questions regarding this new regulation, please reach out to your regional Training Coach.

You can review the entire regulation here: