Making the Most of the Pandemic!

Are you feeling this to be a vast span of lost time, missed connections, etc., crossing days off the calendar until the new normal goes back to the old normal? It has been said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Not that there actually are good crises, but…

It would be perfectly acceptable to just survive this ordeal, as many people are working even harder due to added demands. Some trainers have forged ahead to provide virtual training for the first time ever, but that may not be your thing, and you are finding you have too much free time on your hands. You might not want to look back after the pandemic and think, “Why don’t I have anything to show for the empty time?” Consider how you want to come out when you’ve reached the other side of this. How can you exit this pandemic time better than you went into it?

Now might be a good time to think about healthy eating, exercise, new hobbies, etc.  What about your life as a trainer? You may want to use this time to tune up your training business. Are there things you’ve been wanting to do? Create trainings on new subjects you’ve yet to tackle? Revise your often-presented trainings based on new research or refresh your trainings by using new technology? Visit our “Online Community” for ideas and ‘how to’ info, and/or contact your training coach for collaboration.  

Also consider restocking supplies, updating and pre-printing handouts, organizing the area where you store your materials. If you are feeling ‘down’ about things right now, some new, colorful files (they’re not just manila folders these days) as well as colorful totes or bins for your training closet, corner or wherever you ‘stash your stuff’, could be just the lift you need, and help you get a jump start before training full steam ahead when that times comes – and it will!