Kentucky All STARS ITERS-3 Transition for Type I Providers

Dear Kentucky Providers,

The Division of Child Care (DCC) is happy to announce the Kentucky All STARS Program is transitioning from the Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scales REVISED Edition (ITERS-R) to the Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scales THIRD Edition (ITERS-3).

The ITERS-3 is a major revision that introduces innovations in both content and administration of the scale, while still retaining continuity of the two primary characteristics of the ITERS—its global definition of quality and its reliance on observation as the primary source of information on which to base assessment of classroom quality.

This transition is in progress and will be finalized by the end of November 2024. Beginning in December 2024, Type I providers are required to have a ITERS-3 Environmental Rating for Kentucky All STARS levels 3-5 when they have infant/toddler age groups enrolled.

For more information on the ITERS-3, please click here.

Child Care Aware (CCA) will be providing Technical Assistance (TA) for this transition. For more information on CCA, please click here.

To find your CCA Quality Coach, please click here .

If you have any questions, please email