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Looking for some training activity ideas for openers, energizers, reflection, or goal-setting? Playmeo is a searchable database with over 500 activities to inspire fun, connection and learning.  

The company has recently unlocked free step-by-step instructions for every activity in their database. You can search the database using factors such as activity type, group size and time. Check it out here: (There is also a subscription option for even more resources.) 

Looking for a fun energizer to help your learners refocus? Below is a Playmeo energizer activity: 

Smart home. Young african american lady pointing finger in the air pushing button on invisible screen, standing against light wall, free space

Air Names            

  1. Gather your group so that everyone can see you. 
  1. Invite everyone to extend the pointer finger of their dominant writing hand. 
  1. Instruct each person to write their full name, using their finger as if writing on a wall in front of themselves. 
  1. Then, instruct your group to repeat this task by using the pointer finger of their non-dominant hand. 
  1. When ready, instruct your group to write their name in the air with their right elbow, and then their left elbow. 
  1. Nominate any other part of one’s anatomy to complete the task, or try something new as described in the Variations tab. 

Activity link: Air Names – Hilarious Name-Game Energiser for Groups (