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Compelling Closings

Your closing is your opportunity to reinforce key training concepts and encourage your trainees to plan for implementation. If your learners don’t take time during your session to think about how they’re going to use what they’ve learned, they probably won’t use it in their workplaces either!  

Did you know the closing should be 20-25% of your total training time? Here are closing tasks: 

  • Questions and comments  
  • Final summary activity – review of key content or application activity  
  • Evaluation – measures how your trainees felt about the training and what they learned 
  • Implementation plan – goals and planning for the workplace 
  • Transfer of learning activity – short, fun activity to keep learning top of mind 
  • Final housekeeping  

For more information, watch the August 2022 Trainer’s Connection, Closings that Complete the Learning Cycle, in the FET Trainer Connections Online Community. Or contact your regional training coach!