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Tips for Going Back to In-Person Training

Returning to Face-to-Face Training?

Some things to remember as we see more and more trainings return to the face-to-face format.

*Provide hand sanitizer.

*If you put candy on the tables or fidgets, please consider each participant having their own personal bag or basket of items. Zip lock bags work nice.

* Do not sit participants elbow to elbow. Give space between chairs and/or tables.

*Think about your activities, do any require passing objects? Try to think of a safer way to do it.

*If using handouts, have them already placed on the table where you prefer participants sit (no passing them around and people will not be sitting elbow to elbow!)

*Provide a pen with the handouts that participants can use to sign in with so everyone is not using the same pen.

Assignment: You, as the trainer, need to determine if you will require masks or other stricter guidelines. Make sure participants are aware prior to the training.

Remember: This list is not everything you may need to think about but it is a starting point!