Beginning on October 24, 2022, child care employees became eligible to have all household income excluded from their Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) case as long as they meet ALL technical eligibility requirements and have verified they work in a licensed or certified child care program. 

The Employee Child Care Assistance Partnership (ECCAP), which began accepting applications in April 2023, allows employers to contribute towards an employee’s child care cost and have the state match the contribution up to 100%.  Child care employees are not currently eligible for ECCAP.

Providers should encourage their staff to apply for CCAP, not ECCAP.  When a child care employee applies for ECCAP, they are delaying the opportunity for the family and the provider to potentially receive valuable resources from CCAP.  Please advise child care employees to apply for CCAP online at, by calling 855-306-8959, or by visiting a DCBS Family Support office.

Thank you for all you do to support Kentucky’s children and families!

Division of Child Care