CCAP Provider Billing Form Codes and Weather Closures


The Division of Child Care (DCC) would like to announce CCAP will continue to reimburse based on enrollment and not attendance. Please see below for instructions for codes to use during center closures, absences, and state of emergency.

CCAP Provider Billing Form Codes and Weather Closures

CCAP continues to reimburse based on enrollment and not attendance of the individual child.  Codes 40, 45, and 50 should not be used to record child absences on the Provider Billing Form (PBF). Traditionally, code 45 is used to cover extraordinary absences of the child due to illness of child or parent, death in the family, or a disaster verified by a utility provider, local, state, or federal government.  While reimbursing based on enrollment code 45 is unnecessary as CCAP will cover any child absence without a written excuse.  CCAP will also cover illness causing center or individual room closures and for weather due to a sudden region wide event and/or State of Emergency.  Specifically, if a center was closed for the recent snow events, leave the PBF blank to be paid per the child’s care schedule on the certificate.

However, if a center closes for other reasons, (holiday, vacation, or training) the PBF must be coded with a code 43 or code 55.  Each center is allowed 10 code 43s per calendar year for center closures.  Code 55 is ‘no payment requested’ and should be used if all 10 code 43s have been exhausted. 

  • Exception codes that will be used while paying based on enrollment are:
    • 1= Full Day
    • 2= Part Day
    • 43=Holiday Code
    • 55=No payment requested (to prevent overpayment following codes 60/65, if center is closed other than one of the 10 holidays allowed, or if care schedule is incorrect for child’s needs) 
    • 60= Last Day Attended (followed by 55s)
    • 65= Last Day Attended, Non-Payable Day (followed by 55s)

Additionally, paying based on enrollment means the child needs to have attended at some point during the month being billed.  CCAP cannot pay for children who have missed more than 30 consecutive days.  If a child stops attending in the middle of a month and does not return the next month then the enrollment needs to be ended.  To end an enrollment, the child care provider will need to code the PBF with a code 60 (last day attended) or code 65 (last day attended was in a previous month) followed by 55s. 

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