Anytime Observation

If you are a level 2-4 trainer, you know that you need an observation before renewing your credential. But did you know that you can ask for the observation ANYTIME during the three years of your credential period? You can receive a renewal (or the initial credential) and immediately schedule your observation! There are many reasons to do the observation early.  

  1. You either just completed FET (Fundamentals of Effective Training), or just received a renewal. In both cases, you have a relationship with your Training Coach. You will have just set goals for yourself. Observations soon after a renewal can help you focus on those goals right away.  
  1. You can eliminate the stress of having to complete an observation at the last minute, or during an inconvenient time.  
  1. By planning to get the observation completed early, you will get much more out of the process. You can use your Training Coach to help develop/revamp a training, then invite your coach to observe your new and improved training!  

After two early observations, one done just a few months after Elizabeth completed FET and received her initial credential and the other was completed a few months after Samantha renewed her credential.  Here are the reactions from those Trainers. 

I have a few reasons it was helpful for me to complete my observation quickly. 
I had the perfect opportunity to complete my observation when I was presenting at our July Pre-service. 
I did not have to worry about forgetting or not getting my observation completed by the deadline. 
I am working towards improving as a public speaker and I was looking for my trainer’s feedback. 
The information from my training was still fresh in my mind.

Elizabeth Kelty


I am so thankful that my Training Coach reached out to me and encouraged me to complete my training observation early.  I was able to complete my observation this summer when school was out and now, I can go into the school year with less on my to do list and more time to focus on children and families.

Samantha Behmke


Level 5 and Specialty Trainers

Level 5 and Specialty Trainers are not left out of the observation experience! Although observations are not required, Specialty and Level 5 Trainers can access the same attention and skill building experiences from Training Coaches. If you would like an observation, contact your Training Coach.