CCAP Update for December

Sent to DCC Listserv November 16, 2022

Beginning December 1, 2022, CCAP payments will be paid based on Enrollment not Attendance.  Children who attend a child care facility in November will be paid based on the enrollment on the CCAP certificate that is prefilled on the Provider Billing Form (PBF). 

All providers (Licensed, Certified and Registered) will submit the PBF blank, unless the prefilled codes do not accurately reflect the child’s schedule and an exception needs to be made.   Exclusions to this rule are listed below in the “Flex Schedules” and “ITCS Centers” sections.

Exceptions/Care Schedules

·       An exception is a change to the preprinted schedule on the PBF.  Exception codes will be used if the prefilled schedule is different than the child’s actual schedule.

o    For example, the prefilled schedule is a 1 but the child’s actual schedule is part day.  The provider will enter a 2 in the Provider Exception box.

·       Exception codes that will be used while paying based on enrollment are:

o   1= Full Day

o   2= Part Day

o   43=Holiday Code

o   55=No payment requested (to follow 60/65, if center is closed other than one of the 10 holidays allowed, or if care schedule is incorrect for child’s needs) 

o   60= Last Day Attended

o   65= Last Day Attended, Non-Payable Day

·       Weather related closures-leave the PBF blank for all weather-related closures as payments will be made based on the child’s enrollment. 

Enrollment ending codes 60 (child’s last day/payment is requested) and 65 (no payment requested) require a code 55 to be filled in all boxes after the 60 or 65 to prevent overpayment. 

·       If a child’s care schedule is incorrect on the certificate, it will be incorrect on the PBF.  Parents should be advised to contact the DCBS Family Support office at (855) 306-8959, press option 3 to have incorrect care schedules corrected. 

·       When receiving a new certificate for signatures, do not sign and return the certificate if the care schedule is incorrect as the billing process will be incorrect.

Flex Schedules

All flex schedule enrollments will need to be coded according to the child’s actual attendance using codes 1 and 2.  If a Flex schedule PBF is left blank then a payment will not occur.

School Age Enrollments

School age childrenshould be on a regular school schedule (part days when school is open and full day when school is closed) unless they attend 5 or more hours per day or attend during non-traditional hours.

ITCS Centers

Infant/Toddler Contract Slot participants will need to use the special 700 codes when submitting the PBF to ensure correct payments.  The 700 codes will only need to be used for those children/slots enrolled in the ITCS program. 

*Important Copay Information*

The Division of Child Care will stop paying the parent copay portion of the CCAP payment 12/31/22. Beginning 1/1/2023, parents will be responsible for the assessed copay on the certificate and any overages that may occur.  An overage is the difference between the State Max Rate and what a center charges daily if they charge above the State Max Rate. 

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