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Updating Your Information in ECE-TRIS

Have you moved, changed jobs, gotten a new phone?

Keeping your personal information updated is important. Incorrect contact information can mean that you may miss out on important e-mails, phone calls or mailings from many agencies, including possible training opportunities.  DCC sends out trainer credential renewal reminders and regulation updates based on the contact information if ECE-TRIS as well.

Not sure how to change your information in ECE-TRIS?

Use these steps to make it happen:   

  1. Log in to ECE-TRIS
  2. Click on the tab that says personal information
  3. Change your information and then click the save button

Yep!  It’s that easy and you will stay connected to all the updated news in the training world.

If you have any issues, updating your information, you can always contact your Training Coach for assistance!