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The New and Improved Trainer Connections: Online Community

Now is the perfect time to reconnect to the online resource Trainer Connections: Online Community, as it has recently expanded to contain three sections with full video recordings of each event, useful handouts/resources and discussion boards for ECE trainers.

The Using Technology “lesson” contains not one, but TWO “beginning Zoom-ers” tip sheets, along with guidelines to help you set up non face-to-face trainings in ECE-TRIS.

Hopping into the resources area of There’s an App for That takes you to handouts to help you take your Zoom Webinars to the next level by using functions such as: polls, virtual background, and annotating items being shared onscreen. You can also review a written transcript of the Q&A portion of this presentation.

If your trainer marketing plan is in need of some fresh ideas, you will definitely want to check out Marketing Strategies for Trainers.

To take advantage of this online community platform for trainers simply…

1. Create a new account or log in to your existing account on

2. ‘Purchase’ the free course – FET: Trainer Connections Online Community

3. Enter the course from your My Courses page on the HDI Learning site

4. Click on any lesson to begin exploring