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Free Coaching!

Made you look right?

It seems we all are looking for ways to save money these days, whether it’s a flash sale, a rebate offer or a great freebie. What if that freebie could not only save you money, but help you with your training business as well, which could also mean added income?

Upon ‘searching’ the cost of business coaching services, one of the first results shows the least expensive price of business coaching to be between 175-250 dollars per session. Wow! A lot right? What services do they tend to offer? Marketing, Product Development, Quality Enhancement, Training, Goal Setting and Attainment, Problem Solving, Regulation Compliance.

Now, let’s look at the list of some of the services offered by your Child Care Aware training coach. Marketing, Training Plan Development and Quality Enhancement, Training, help with Setting and Reaching Training Goals, Problem Solving, Regulation Compliance. Hmmm, and It’s free. Sound valuable?

If there had been a coupon for free business coaching, would you have clipped it? You have the same services as close as a phone call or email and they are free to you by contacting your regional training coach! Many trainers are not aware that these services are being offered and given to those who reach out to us. We meet one on one and cater the session to your needs. We’re here for Ya!