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ECE-TRIS Updates for Trainers

Since COVID-19 has arrived, lots of changes have taken place in the world as we know it, this includes training!  Please review the few updates from ECE-TRIS for credentialed trainers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your regional training coach.

Core Content Subject Area and CDA Subject Area Changes

When entering training details, all users are now required to indicate the number of training hours per subject area chosen.  This change is to improve accuracy of hours trained per content area that will be helpful for the CDA Training Record and other reporting.  Below are some special tips about using these fields.

• Hours trained per Core content subject area and CDA subject area must add up to the total clock hours

• Maximum of 2 subject areas per Core Content and CDA

• Minimum of 1 hour per subject area

•These are now required for all Training and Training Requests

Training Calendar Display for How Credit will be received

A new field was created for the training detail page and the programs created to inform participants of who will enter their credit, how long to allow for credit to be added, and when they need to self-report.  As a trainer or data entry agency, you will be asked to choose the appropriate method when adding new training. The field will then show on the ECE-TRIS Calendar for each training.

Training Request Area

Added the delivery method of Webinar for submission of training approvals to meet the demand created by no face to face events during COVID-19.

Training Detail Page

Save button will keep you on that page instead of returning you to search

Formatting of clock hours field to reduce data entry errors. There is a new Minutes field that users must select in 15 minute increments.